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Its' About Time!
Maximize rents and minimize litigation with our online rent control compliance toolkit!

  • Are you a landlord who wants to maximize your revenue?
  • Does it take too much time to calculate, print and stuff increase notices?
  • Have you found it cumbersome to keep track of your banked rents?
  • Are you using the “all or nothing” method for increases because you have no reliable way to track banked rents?
Don’t give away allowable rent. If you take a partial increase you can bank the remainder for later. Don’t sweat it. Our software tracks it for you!

Our expert software optimizes your rents by identifying tenants eligible for an increase, the maxiumum increase you’re allowed, and the earliest date you can take an increase – and produces a custom increase notice. Print and mail notices yourself, or have us mail them for you.

Click the "Show Me" button to see how easy it is to apply increases!

Click the "Show Me" button to see how easy it is to print increases! 

Not filing petitions? Let us guess why…Too much paperwork? Too complicated? Too much hassle? You’re probably leaving money on the table. Our expert software allows you to create electronic versions of all the common petitions and fills in the unit numbers, rents and petition increases for you. It’s easy to edit so you can “tweak” the numbers, and it prints with the click of a button.

We currently support Capital Improvement, Operating & Maintenance, Utility Pass-Through, General Obligation Bond and Water Revenue Bond petitions (both single & multi year). 

Click on the “Show Me” buttons below to see our two samples!

  • Capital Improvement
  • Water Revenue Bond

Calculating security deposit interest is not easy because of variation in interest rates. Our expert software allows you to calculate interest from the move-in date, from the last increase or from any date you decide. Merge the detailed refund information into a custom refund letter to be mailed to your tenant along with your refund check.

Click the "Show Me" button to see how easy it is!

RCC also audits a property's increase history to calculate unused increases to produce “catch up” rent increase notices.

Tracking rents, petition surcharges and banked rents is a nightmare. Luckily, you now have an option. Our expert software tracks the source of each rent increase and knows when surcharges expire. Our Rent History Snapshot feature allows you to see, in detail, the complete accounting of each rent increase, banked rents and any surcharges that are imposed.

Click the "Show Me" button to see how easy it is!

We don't sell software, we provide a service, supporting you through the whole process. We become your "watchdog" who keeps you in line with the current San Francisco rent stabilization laws.
  • Print rent increase notices for single or double windowed envelopes or print mailing labels
  • Rent Board Fees & Security Deposit Interest Refunds on Rent Increase Notices
  • Submit your rent increase requests to us electronically and we will print and mail them for you
  • Rent Rolls
  • User Guide
  • Web based software
  • 24 x 7 Support

We've got this… Spend some time doing what you really like to do!

Click the "Show Me" button to see how easy it is!

For more information:
Gene Santomartino @ 240-361-6161 x102




Rent Control is complicated. Most managers do NOT understand the intricacies. By Outsourcing you are gaining years of Rent Control experience!

Purchasing or managing a new property? Hire RCC to audit the current rent control records!
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